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Launches a new and improved fireball shot from the wrist

Have you ever loved the Flame Troopers?We love to shoot fireballs from our wrists.What's so fun about shooting fireballs like an iron man?The only thing we don't like about shooting fireballs from the wrist is when we sell out of the fireballs from the wrist and no other fireballs from the wrist can be sold.

Then there's Pyro's young, sexy sibling: the fireball mini shot from the wrist.

Mini magic shooting fireball takes everything you like from the original magic shooting fireball, making it so, so much better:

More compact design, USB rechargeable batteries, removable wrist band, special explosion mode (fire two fireballs at the same time!)

Magic shooting fireballs is more elegant, more versatile, and we don't think it has any chance of getting any better, but it does it, and it's cheaper than the original.

The first time I strapped on my magic and shot a fireball, I felt this incredible dizziness.Like every comic book fantasy I've ever lived.

I'm wearing a device that lets me shoot fireballs from my wrist

That's right.Bind the unit and you will be able to wirelessly control the call of fire at will.Check out this week's "Behind the Scam" to learn more about why this new version is so incredible:

Quick but important legal monster: Shooting fireballs is not a toy.This is a high-end pyrotechnic device, which is why we only offer it to people over the age of 18, and ask you to watch the entire safety video before trying it.

Take a look: Shooting a fireball is probably the coolest thing we've ever done, and we want to carry it around forever...So make sure you don't do anything stupid.

I totally fell in love with this thing and we were blown away by it.It has everything you need to start exploding fireballs, and enough ammunition for hundreds of rounds (don't worry, refills are cheap, too).  

You do feel like a superhero, and would be great for Modern Rogue.

Here's a complete overview of what makes magic fireballs so incredible:

Comprehensive instructions: Before purchasing, you must read the instructions for the magic fireball before operating the equipment.

You'll see a variety of ideas to get started - but the possibilities are really endless.Magic fireball is a real utility that opens up a new and exciting side to your magic.

Multiple firing capability: Each magic fireball device comes with two independently triggered barrels, which means you can fire two fireballs before you need to reload.

Hands-free operation: The magic fireball device itself is designed to match the underside of the wrist so that the hand firing the fireball is completely empty.The attached fasteners allow the sleeve to hide the device while avoiding flame burning.

The remote switch is designed so that the other hand can be installed comfortably and dispersed, and can be started by simply squeezing it with the fist.Small in size and light in weight, you can pay attention to it without having to carry it in your pocket when you or your audience are not using it.

Rugged durability: As long as you open the box and personally operate the equipment, you can feel the quality and level of research and development in the production of the equipment.Years of improvements and seven prototypes, the Magic fireball unit and the remote control have all gone through the ordeal of putting pressure and temperature on each individual component - from the heater coil to the remote receiver - and have been tested repeatedly until they fail to ensure the component's performance and longevity.

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