Retractable table tennis net

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🏓👍 Play with this retractable table tennis net
Table tennis at almost any table at any time.
Just a few seconds, every table can transform a table tennis table!


  • Retractable net expands easily and is easy to stow away. Compact for easy carrying.
    Simply stretch the net, press the spring and then clamp it on the table.
    Woven from high quality nylon mesh, high density and strong tensile strength.
    Adjustable net extends to 190 cm.
    Can be attached to almost any surface (thickness less than 5 cm).
    This adjustable mesh fits easily in your pocket without messing up.
    Ideal as a gift for all ages and portable for indoor or outdoor use.


  • Material: Plastic
    Maximum stretch length: 190 cm
    Suitable thickness of the table: less than 5 cm
    Unstretched size: 19 * 14 cm
    Weight: 340 g

Package includes:

  • 1 * Retractable table tennis net