Dog Swimming Pool

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Beat The Heat This Summer With The Portable Paw Pool!

Do your pets love being outside? We want to make those hot summer days more enjoyable for your fur kids! Unlike a standard, plastic, off-the-shelf baby pool, The Paw Pool is made for dogs and is built to last.

Have peace of mind knowing that the pool won't leak or tear, while you watch your fur kids run, jump and swim around their new play area.

The pool is deep enough for your dog to get completely soaked and cool off by either sitting, standing, or swimming!

Why you should order:

No inflation needed, just unfold and fill. With bottom/side drain, easy to drain and refresh the water.

PawSwim is built off of eco-friendly material.

Can be used both as a swimming pool or a bathtub for pets.

Foldable and portable, perfect for traveling with your pet.

Thick slip-resistant material on the bottom to keep everyone safe!

Extra tough anti-slip PVC material makes the bottom of the pool hard to puncture while allowing your dog to jump, play, bite and splash around on those hot summer days.

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